Wednesday, January 4, 2012



SET-1 1.write short notes on: a) bacterial shapes diversity b) bacterial reproduction
2.write short notes on: a) Auxins b) Gibberlins
3.what is meant by energy flow in ecosystem?
4.write about: .a) .nitrogenous bases in DNA b.differences between DNA and RNA
5.Explain in brief the organs and organ systems present in the human body and describe their major functions.
6.Discuss various neurotransmitters and explain the mechanism of synaptic transmission.
7.Discuss some important historical milestones in development of molecular biotechnology.
8.write short notes on : a) Gene Targeting b) ELISA Test c) Molecular Farming d) Genetic Engineering


1) write a general account on viral characteristics and how are they classified on the basis of their genomes?
2) What are Meristems? Explain in detail.
3) Discuss about the cycling of matter in an ecosystem.
4) Describe the double helix structure of DNA.
5) Describe the structure and functions of animal cell.
6) What important features do all sensory receptors have in common?
7) Define biopesticides? What are the various microorganisms useful for production of biopesticides.
8) Write short notes on : a) fate of transgenes b) molecular farming c) monoclonal antibodies d) microbial enzymes.

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