Wednesday, January 4, 2012



1) Write about : a) bacterial locomotion b) bacterial shapes
2) Write about the medicinal importance of plants. Discuss the industrial products got from plants
3) Briefly explain the life cycle of Ascaris worm
4) Describe the double helix structure of DNA.
5) Explain in brief the organs and organ systems present in the human body and describe their major functions.
6) Discuss various neurotransmitters and explain the mechanism of synaptic transmission
7) Write short notes on: a) biofuel b) biofertilizer c) biosensor d) biopesticide
8) Write short notes on: a) gene cloning b) r DNA technology c) Hybridization d) Genemanipulation

1) justify � �viruses have both, living as well as non-living characteristics�
2) discuss about the pests of cotton plant.
3) How does fasciolopsis buski as parasite affect man?
4) Write about the main events occurring during DNA replication.
5) Explain the human body fluid compartments and describe the intracellular and extra cellular body fluids and their functions.
6) Describe the olfactory area in the nose with the help of a diagram and explain the mechanism of olfaction
.7) Define biotechnology nad explain the areas of interest in biotechnology.
8.What is hybridoma technique and how monoclonal antibodies are being extensively used for human health care. Explain with examples.


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