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awaharlal Nehru technological university hyderabad(

Process engineering principles mtech 1st semester final exam paper(2010)

1) a) what is the role of bioprocess engineering in biotech industry. Explain with the help of suitable examples
b) discuss methods of dimensional anlysis in details
2) a) draw a neat sketch of u- tube manometer and explain its working principle
b) write the units of heat capacity , pressure in si and cgs system
3) derive the mathematical expression for bernoulis equation and give its limitations
4) a) draw the neat sketch of venturimeter and give its working principle
b) discuss the working principle of rotameter
5) a) discuss conduction, convection, radiation
b) derive the relationship between overall and individual heat transfer coefficients. Give their significance
6) a) discuss film and nucleate boiling
b) write about evaporation
7) a) what is ficks law of diffusion
b) what is mass transfer coefficient and give their relationship between individual and overall mass transfer coefficient

8) write a short note on
a) distillation
b) absorption
c) liquid liquid extraction

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