Saturday, October 24, 2009

cellbiology-btechbiotechnology-jntu -old question papers-November 2008

Code No: R05212303 Set No. 1
II B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations, November 2008
Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks
⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ ⋆
1. What are the basisc properties of any living cell? [16]
2. Describe three functions of microtubules and microfilament. Compare and contrast
microtubule assembly and intermediate filament assembly. [16]
3. What is the function of Peroxisomes? Where are they present? [16]
4. Give an overview of the various types of transport proteins which help in transport
across Plasma membrane. [16]
5. What happens during interphase? What structure cannot be seen in interphase
but can be seen in prophase? [16]
6. How are blood cells formed through stem cell concept? [16]
7. Discuss about the receptors that bind to DNA. [16]
8. Give a detailed account of the action of steroid hormones on cells. [16]

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