Monday, October 11, 2010


a comedy love story with a funny ending

pori: abey aa speed endi jara taggi
poradu: love u ani cheppu
pori: sare jeppina le gani taggi
poradu: hug chesko
pori: sare cheskunna taggichi chav
poradu: sastunnam kabatte taggichlene.. breaks dobbinay ga
pori: ori nee bike paaduganu aa bike idisi dookananna dooku bhey

story of newtons law:

a cow was walking : newton stopped it it halted
he found the law every action continues till a force is applied

he then applied a force by cicking the cow
it gave a sound "

he then derived F=ma
after sometime the cow kicked him back
he then found the third law:
every action has an equal and opposite reaction

pain of missing somei isnt in their absence but whenn u thinks of the times u have shared and u ask
"will those ever happen again"
and mind silently says
"never miss those days"

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