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geneticengineering-btechbiotechnology-jntu oldquestion papers-2008

SET: 1

1. Write notes on any two:
(a) C-Protein
(b) DNA binding Proteins
(c) Beta-galactosidase

2. What is signal transduction? How does it help in regulating gene expression?

3. Write notes on any two:
(a) Inverted repeats
(b) Transposase
(c) P elements

4. Describe the method of isolating DNA from microbial cells.

5. (a) What is the difference between Southern and Northern blotting Techniques?

6. (a) Write about primer designing in PCR. Which DNA polymerase is used in PCR?

7. Write short notes on any two:
(a) AFLP
(b) VNTR sequences
(c) Gene chip

8. Discuss about viral methods used in doing In Vivo gene theraphy.

SET: 2

1. Explain the role of DNA binding proteins in Gene regulation.

2. Write notes on any two:
(a) Tissue specific enhancers
(b) Phosphorylated proteins
(c) TATA Box

3. Explain the structure of PBR 322.

4. Write notes on :
(a) M 13 Vectors
(b) Cosmids
(c) PUC 8

5. Write short notes on any two :
(a) Southern blotting
(b) Colony Hybridization.
(c) Radioactive labeling

6. Write about the contents of a reaction mixture for PCR analysis.

7. What is Repetitive DNA? Discuss its significance in a genome.

8. Differentiate between In vivo and Ex vivo gene therapy.

SET: 3

1. Discuss the regulatory components of the lac operon system.

2. Write notes on any two:
(a) Protein Kinases
(b) Second messengers
(c) Repetitive DNA sequences

3. Explain the application of Plasmids in genetic engineering.

4. Write notes on any two:
(a) M 13 vectors
(b) Cosmids
(c) PUC 8

5. Give a brief definition of a gene library. What is the essential difference between a genomic library and a cDNA library? List the major advantages/limitations on the use of each.

6. Write short notes on any two:
(a) DNA hybridization
(b) Reverse transcription
(c) Gel electrophoresis

7. Using suitable examples, explain the importance of 16S rRNA as a molecular marker.

8. Explain the detailed structure of a Ti Plasmid in Agrobacterium.

SET: 4

1. Explain the role of DNA binding proteins in Gene regulation.

2. Write notes on any two:
(a) Silencers
(b) Transacting regulatory proteins
(c) Britton and Davidson Model

3. Write an account on any two:
(a) Multiple cloning sites
(b) shuttle vectors
(c) PJDB219 plasmid vectro

4. What are restriction enzymes? How they are useful in genetic engineering?

5. Explain the expression of clones genes in Yeast using suitable examples.

6. Discuss about Multiplex PCR.

7. Write in detail about molecular markers and their importance.

8. Write short notes on any two:
(a) Transgenic chicken
(b) T-DNA in Ti Plasmid
(c) Recombinant Insulin

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